How To Post It Certification News, Here are some guidelines

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How To Post It Certification News, Here are some guidelines

Post by jamse06 on Tue Jul 22, 2008 5:56 am

I have been checking out the way we post news on the forum and figured out that there has to be a standard applied. What some members do not realize here is that all posted news titles are on the front page of

Here are some guidelines on how to post news on the forum.

1. Please put the title of the article as thread subjects.
2. Copy the whole article as is, do not copy parts of it. The whole text should appear.
3.In the end of article, please mention the name of the source from where youcopied it or the name of the author.

Some requirements before you post:
* First read the article from beginning till the end and understand it.
* Make sure the article is about IT Certification. Some other IT related topics are acceptable, but they need to be those which are considered important for the majority of members.
* Do not post more than one article a day. Pick up only the most interesting one.
* All links in the article should remain passive.

Moderators will review all posted news and if not satisfied the requirements, they will be immediately deleted.


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