Intel Vs Nvidia: Licensing

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Intel Vs Nvidia: Licensing Empty Intel Vs Nvidia: Licensing

Post by Screeem on Sun Jun 01, 2008 8:51 am

What started out as a rumor, has now been more or less confirmed by Intel. Intel and Nvidia's discussions of licensing are not going down well, which could have an impact on future high-end gaming PC's.

"There is a disagreement between Intel and Nvidia as to the scope of Nvidia's license from Intel to make chipsets compatible with Intel microprocessors. Intel is trying to resolve the disagreement privately with Nvidia and therefore we will not provide additional details. It is our hope that this dispute will be resolved amicably and that it will not impact other areas of our companies' working relationship."
- Intel PR Manager - Dan Snyder

With more official statements between the two companies to come, we can only hope that an agreement between the two takes place. Nvidia also has a lot of work to do, as far as Vista drivers and features. Do you feel that if the two work out an agreement, the public will see a change for the better? Let's hear your comments!

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